Accessibility Keys

The site can be used without a mouse. The table below describe the access keys that can be used to navigate through the main pages of the site.

0Accessibility Page
1Home Page
3Events Page
6Gallery Page
9Contact Us

The table below shows the key combinations that need to be pressed together with accesskeys above depending on the Operating System and browser.

Operating System/BrowserKeys to Press
Windows Operating System/MSIEAlt [accesskey] Enter
Windows Operating System/Mozilla, Netscape, K-MeleonAlt [accesskey]
Windows Operating System/OperaShift+Esc [accesskey] Enter
Macintosh Operating System/MSIECtrl [accesskey] Enter
Macintosh Operating System/Mozilla, NetscapeCtrl [accesskey]
Macintosh Operating System/OperaShift+Esc [accesskey] Enter
Linux Operating System/Galeon/MozillaAlt [accesskey]
Linux Operating System/KonquerorCtrl [accesskey]